Heidi + Todd {engagement}

Heidi + Todd-135Wow…Heidi + Todd’s engagement session turned out fabulous!  We had so much to work with at Todd’s parent’s farm in Botkins.  And I have to say, the both of them are so darn photogenic that it was hard to stop shooting!  We were running out of light and I was running out space!  Heidi, I mean, just look at her cute little self.  I can not wait to see her in a wedding gown!  And Todd, good lawd, he had me cracking up!  He wasn’t afraid to goof off and strike a pose when the mood hit him.  They were a lot of fun, to say the very least, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them before at a previous PL bride’s wedding.  Heidi was a bridesmaid, and Krista will be in Heidi’s wedding, so we will have the pleasure of working with her yet again!

And I have to say, driving home after this session, through downtown Botkins that day, got me thinking…I was at the stoplight just looking around so ridiculously happy about how great our session just went and it hit me, I do actually love being from a small town.  I love the character and the charm all our little small towns around here have.  Growing up you think “I can’t wait to get out of here someday.”  And most of us have had the chance.  Some have gone and stayed, some have gone and came back, and some have never gone.  But at the end of the day, this is always home.  There will always be people who know you, know about you, know the for-real you.  Our small town weddings are always so special because you legit know everyone there.  And half the time you’re surprised to see old faces because you didn’t know they were in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or really the Six Degrees of the Bride+Groom.  Sessions like this are definitely Countraay (you have to sing that like Jason Aldean’s ‘She’s Country’ btw), but they’re also very real, down home but down to earth, simple but not simplistic.  Boots and barns and trucks and hunting gear…yes please!  If that’s how you roll…then rock it.  That’s what’s important here, just do you.  That’s what makes a session special.  I was excited about this session before I even got home, but once I started editing…love…love…lovely.  What do you think?  Am I crazay?  Have you found your hometown proud yet?

Heidi + Todd-001

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