Bree + Brad {wedding}


We had such a fun time with Bree + Brad on their wedding day!  And good lawd, did you get a look at Bree?  Gorgeous bride!  Adorable couple, actually.  The whole crew was a riot and game for anything!  They were ready to get their party on early and we were definitely not complaining about that!  We went out to Brad’s uncle’s house to shoot our semi-formals after the ceremony; and shoo-wee, the bunch was ready to rock.  Bringing road-pops (ahem, the beer) along for the bridal party pics, not a bad idea (hint-hint), especially for large groups…especially for large groups with lots of guys.  Every once in a while you run into a bridal party who is not so photo-friendly.  This was NOT one of those groups!  We had plenty of time in between the ceremony and the reception, we even were asked to come along to the nursing home to visit Brad’s grandpa who wasn’t able to attend the wedding for a couple quick pics with him.  It was such a sweet moment from the day.

Oh, and not to mention!  We were lucky enough to see a past PL Bride + Groom at the wedding, Kristen and Ben and their fairly new baby girl, Natalie!  Kristen even was gracious enough to let me hold her for a few minutes at the reception.  Ben was one of the groomsmen for Brad, along with Ben’s brothers, who were repeats in front of our camera too (and just as funny this time around as before).  Ben, being the veteran he is, was very helpful in corralling the guys a couple times and kept things moving when our voices were drowned out by all the laughing and pre-partying going on!  Bree + Brad, we are so glad to have been a part of your wedding day and wish you all the best!  I don’t know if Bree is willing, but if anyone ever needs a chic country-rustic wedding decor consultant…Bree would be the girl!  The sweet little touches and handmade rustic/vintage signage transformed the hall and really set the tone for a night of good times, good drinks, and best of all, good friends.

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