Billy’s 1st Birthday {cake smash}

Billy's 1st Bday-002Holy overshare Batman!  I’m sorry, I can’t help it.  For one, I’m partial…he’s my handsome nephew!  For two, seriously, these are the cutest little 1st Birthday Pics ever!  I mean, were he not so darn cute, then I don’t know…maybe I wouldn’t love all 205 images I sent to my sister-in-law.  (sorry Katie, bad call on my part btw!)

But every face, every slight change in his smile, just made me smile…and be really really happy on the inside!  When Katie first set him down he put his hand up and said “Hi!” and it was on from there.  When we broke out the fedora and dad said “ooooooh! cool!” and stuck it on his head, omgosh, those O lips saying “coo…” were to die for!  And then, momma broke out the cake, and it was on like Donkey Kong!  Best half hour of that kids life yet!  Bwahahaa!

My brother and sis-in-law made the long haul back home so we could celebrate WRJ IV’s 1st Birthday, and god bless them because I’m OUTTA PTO at work and couldn’t go to Chi if I wanted!  So this was my first real try at studio photography and even though this backdrop has been in storage for the past two years, I’m pretty sure we rocked Billy’s cake smash.  And if you don’t want to squeeze him by the end of these photos, then you’re the crazy one…just sayin!  Slobber lips and folded ears, mmmm mmmm mmmm!  And those itty bitty teeth!  Ahhhh!!!  Kates and Bill, I HEART YOU SOOO MUCH!!!  Have fun at Billy’s ‘real’ birthday and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  We’ll be doing 2 years in no time…love you Billy boy!  ~Aunt Nat  (P.S. Owen misses you already!)

Billy's 1st Bday-006 Billy's 1st Bday-018 Billy's 1st Bday-019 Billy's 1st Bday-045 Billy's 1st Bday-049 Billy's 1st Bday-052 Billy's 1st Bday-059 Billy's 1st Bday-060 Billy's 1st Bday-061 Billy's 1st Bday-065 Billy's 1st Bday-069 Billy's 1st Bday-070 Billy's 1st Bday-071 Billy's 1st Bday-073 Billy's 1st Bday-075 Billy's 1st Bday-083 Billy's 1st Bday-088 Billy's 1st Bday-090 Billy's 1st Bday-101 Billy's 1st Bday-103 Billy's 1st Bday-107 Billy's 1st Bday-111 Billy's 1st Bday-113 Billy's 1st Bday-122 Billy's 1st Bday-123 Billy's 1st Bday-133 Billy's 1st Bday-134 Billy's 1st Bday-143 Billy's 1st Bday-158 Billy's 1st Bday-159 Billy's 1st Bday-170 Billy's 1st Bday-197

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